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LAS*101 Intr LibrlArtsStudies Core of Liberal Arts
  PreReq: ENG*111
  Narrative: This foundational Silver Lake College course introduces students to the integration of the Liberal Arts. Students survey a variety of Liberal Arts disciplines from the unique perspective of the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition. In addition, students learn about core Franciscan values, including servant leadership and social justice. Prereq: ENG 111 or concurrent.
LAS*201 CivicEngage&SocJustice Core of Liberal Arts
  PreReq: LAS*101 and ENG*112
  Narrative: This intermediate Silver Lake College course applies Liberal Arts knowledge and values to social justice issues. Students deepen their understanding of Franciscan values by applying them to twenty-first-century concerns. Special attention is given to the role of civic literacy and social responsibility. Prereq: LAS 101; minimum grade of C- in ENG 112
LAS*280 Topic Core of Liberal Arts
LAS*380 Generose Leadership Seminar Core of Liberal Arts
  Narrative: Unique liberal arts experience directed by college administrators or faculty intended to promote insight, participation and leadership by the Generose Scholars. This zero credit class is required of all students during semesters they are Generose scholarship recipients and will culminate in participation in the Liberal Arts Symposium in April.
LAS*401 Synth&ServantLdrshp Core of Liberal Arts
  PreReq: LAS*201
  Narrative: This capstone Silver Lake College course facilitates students' integration of Liberal Arts knowledge, the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, professional skills, and students' disciplines. Special attention is given to synthesizing the Silver Lake College experience, including application of servant leadership and social justice. Prereq: LAS 201
LAS*459 Career Intern (Specify) Core of Liberal Arts
  Narrative: Work experience under direction of a field supervisor and department faculty member. Prereq: 2nd semester Junior
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